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Kaos - Normal leopard gecko.
She produces high yellow
lavender phase. She has been
bred to our tangerine and Raptor
male. She belongs to our kids.
Summer - 5 star Sunglow female.
Her genetics set the bar a little
higher. She's one of my favorites
and she will be  bred to our
Sunglow male Razor. Razor &
Summer came from Urban gecko.
Velvet - This is one in a
thousand. She's a 5 star
Raptor female. Her color and
carrot tail make her very
Los Angeles, CA  310-508-4128
Razor - 5 star sunglow male.
Vibrant orange color, 100%
carrot tail. He's a big boy at 90
Rex - Super hypo, carrot tail,
Tangerine male. He's over 100
grams and we think he's a Giant.
His babies sold faster than what
we could produce them.
Spice - Het for Raptor female.
Carrot tail, carrot head, reverse
stripe. She produces pure red
eye Raptors & hets. She was
purchased from Ron Tremper.
Spot - carrot head, carrot tail,
jungle het for Raptor.  His
babies have outstanding color &
pattern. He was purchased from
Garrick D.
Cruzer - Patternless Tremper
Albino. He's 80 grams plus. His
genetic background produces
outstanding Albinos. Very clean
and pristine baby albinos.
Aurora - Mac Super Snow
female. She will be apart of our
2008 breeding program. Her
genetics will produce some
outstanding leopard geckos.
El Diablo - Diablo Blanco male.
Need I say more?  He will
produce diablo blancos & hets in
our 2008 breeding season.
Mini Pearl - Diablo Blanco female.
Her special genetics will produce
things not yet discovered! Her
genes are unique to anything on
the market today!
Peaches - 5 star sunglow
female. Vibrant color, and look
at that carrot tail! She's one of
our top breeding females in our
Sunglow line. We sold all but
one of her babies at the show.   
We will post more of our breeders when I get more pictures.
Diablo Blanco
Super Tangerine
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