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Full payment in advance must be received, before your shipment is sent. We ship
UPS or FED EX over night guaranteed to your door. We will contact you before
shipping, to set a date and confirm your order. Someone must be present at the
location to receive your leopard gecko, or your shipment will be canceled and set to a
future date.

Our Guarantee
We guarantee live arrival and your complete satisfaction. If for any reason you're
not satisfied, we will be more than happy to replace it with a new reptile. Our reptiles
will arrive in perfect health with no signs of disease. If you don’t have a live arrival,
you have 24 hours to contact our facility. We will replace the leopard gecko with one
of equal  value. We do not give cash refunds, but credit towards a new reptile and all
sales are final.  Due to poor husbandry we can not give any long term guarantees.
We do not guarantee live arrivals in temperatures over 90 degrees or below 40
degrees. All shipping cost are non refundable.

Holds and Payments
Any leopard gecko can be placed on hold for up to 15 - 30 days with a deposit of 30%
of the total value. Payments can be arranged for our more expensive reptiles, please
contact our facility for more information. All reptiles put on hold with partial
payments are non refundable. You can change your deposit one time free with our
approval to another reptile , any changes after that, a 25% restocking fee will apply.
Some reptiles do not qualify to the above mentioned policy. We will work with our
customers diligently and exhaust all efforts to provide high quality reptiles.

We accept US postal money orders, Western union, Master Card and Visa. All
orders will be shipped upon conformation of a shipping date.
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Los Angeles, CA  310-508-4128
Email : gary@westcoastleopardgecko.com
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Standard Fedex overnight, by 3:00pm............................$45.00
Priority FedEx overnight, by 10:30am.............................$ 60.00
First FedEx overnight, by 9:00am....................................$100.00
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We will Contact you to confirm your order and take your credit card
information in a safe and secure manner. At that time we will discuss
shipping dates and any husbandry questions you may have. Please fill
free to call anytime between 10am & 10pm pst  7 days a week.  
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